Individual Tours and Workshops

Middle Prong Little River, Spring 2004

Due to my needs for more extensive travel this year of 2006, I will not be participating in formal workshops. Time and schedules permitting, it may be possible to schedule a one on one or small group experience in the Soutyhern Appalachians from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Smokies. Digital and film based photographers are welcome. Large format instruction at no extra charge. Jerks and crazy people, add 50% surcharge for putting up with you.

Rates: Includes up to 2 people, additional participants, additional photographers $100 ea per 1/2 day, $200 ea for full day. A "day" starts the evenign before to be on site for 1st light, and ends after last light. Futher logistics depend on location.

1/2 day: $275

full day: $500

My new book, the Smoky Mountains Photographer's Guide , (with partner Bill Campbell) will give you a preview of what awaits you in the Smokies. . A link for ordering as well as a preview is on this site.